Angus Toy Appeal – Referral Guidelines

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REMEMBER! Closing date for referrals is Monday 20th November 2023!

Angus Toy Appeal is a local charity, which distributes loads of donation boxes throughout Angus, collecting new toys, etc to help put a smile on a child’s face at Christmas.

All toys and gifts are for children living in poverty throughout Angus. Resources are limited so please consider your families carefully. 

All we ask is that the children, aged 18 and under, must reside with parent(s) or guardians(s) on a full-time basis and NOT be in foster care. (Foster parents are awarded an allowance for Christmas presents).

We do sometimes get “doublers” from different agencies, but if in doubt submit your referral to ensure we don’t miss any children out. 

If you require specific sensory toys or to assist with learning disabilities, please be specific on your referral. However, generally we cannot provide specific toys as we mainly rely on donations.

All bags will be supplemented with other donations as well as what is requested.

Deadline for Referrals


(this has caused us much consternation previously).

Referrals must be returned no later than Monday 20 November 2023 and can be submitted by email or post. Please do not use our busy facebook page for referrals.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: Sharon or Claire Spink on our toy appeal hotline – 07783426770

Post: Sharon Spink, 78 Patrick Allan Fraser Street, Arbroath DD11 2LX