Pre pandemic versus post pandemic appointment provision

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We continue to hear statements such as “when are you going back to normal”

We are tyring to dispel some of the myths out there with regards to General Practice not seeing patients.

Annat Bank offer a telephone appointment in the first instance, the receptionist will ask for brief details of your symptoms and this will allow them to offer you an appointment with the correct clinician able to deal with your symptoms or for the GP to ascertain whether or not you require to be seen face to face. Reception staff may ask for photos to be sent to the practice for things such as rashes, skin infections etc and again this will help the clinician to ascertain whether or not a face-to-face appointment is required. Our reception staff cannot offer a face to face appointment.

The pandemic has resulted in many people not being able to wait for an appointment with their GP practice and this is particularly challenging for our staff to deal with.

The pandemic changed the face of general practice and unfortunately we are unable to offer endless number of appointments, although the national average wait for an appointment is 3 weeks, we can offer an appointment within 2 weeks.

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