SHARE: The Scottish Health Research Register & Biobank

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To discover and develop new treatments and cures for disease, we all need to support health research. Please help save lives and join SHARE, The Scottish Health Research Register & Biobank today.

SHARE is a database of volunteers (11+ years) who are interested in research helping medical research. Many have also given permission, for any leftover blood following routine clinical tests, to be used for anonymised genetic research.

Recent studies assisted by volunteers from SHARE include medical conditions like arthritis, asthma, Covid-19, epilepsy, cancer, dementia, heart failure, stroke, and mental health.

There are over  300,000 volunteers but to support projects appropriately, SHARE needs to have a wholly inclusive register of volunteers which mirrors the diversity of Scotland’s population.

Sometimes, people who want to take part in medical research don’t know how to get involved. By joining SHARE you can help in 2 ways:

  • You can agree to be contacted for research projects which you may be suitable for. These studies can take different forms e.g. completing surveys, helping to write guidelines or testing new medical devices or medicines. There is no obligation to take part, you choose which projects you wish to be involved with.
  • You can agree for any leftover blood from routine clinical tests you have at the GP or hospital, to be stored and used in genetic research studies.

Please sign up to SHARE today! Help us reach 1,000,000 volunteers in Scotland.

SHARE is an NHS Research Scotland initiative, supported by the Universities in Scotland, all Health Boards, many Charities, and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO)