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We'll Keep You Right

Helping you get the right care, at the right time

'We'll keep you right' highlights the range of services available to help people access the right care at the right time, and where to go if you are not sure which service to access.

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Who To Turn To

Nationally, the Know Who To Turn To website has been produced by the NHS to help you get the right medical assistance when you're ill, injured or have a long term condition. Going directly to the person with the appropriate skills is important. This can help you to a speedier recovery and makes sure all NHS services are run efficiently.

We have added some extra Montrose details to further inform our patients:

Know Who To Turn To

Know Who To Turn To Leaflet

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Chronic Disease Management

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Additional Services

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Listening service

Do you need to talk?

People can often discover their strength and find hope by sharing what’s on their mind with someone who knows how to listen. 50 minute appointments are available for anyone experiencing challenges such as bereavement, stressful work situations, difficult relationships with partners/family, or significant life changes.  Please contact Annat Bank Practice (01674 673400) and we can arrange an appt with a trained listener (Note, due to COVID 19 restrictions, these are currently telephone appointments).

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Who is this service for?

Any person (aged 16 years and over) who is registered at a GP Practice within the Links Health Centre, Montrose, presenting with mental health and wellbeing needs, or substance use needs.

Your referral to mental health and substance service will use a referral screening hub to decide what support will best meet your needs. The hub includes nurses, social workers, psychology, and mental health and wellbeing peer support workers. We have set up the mental health referral screening hub to improve access to the right support at the right time. By spending time making sure your referral is seen by the right service or services, we can meet your needs quicker without having to tell your story to many different workers. We want you to be fully involved in your support and keep you informed of the progress of your referral.

You will hear the outcome of your referral either by phone or letter within one week.

Download a Mental Health Self Referral Form

Mental Health and Wellbeing Referral Screening Hub Information Sheet

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Mental Health Peer Workers

The Angus Mental Health Peer Workers service provides peer support people with their mental health and wellbeing. 

Peer Support is defined as the help and support that people with lived experience of poor mental health and wellbeing can provide for others struggling to manage their mental health and wellbeing, built on shared personal experience and empathy. 

Peer support can be social, emotional, or practical support.  Peer support focuses on an individual’s strengths and works towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery.  Peer supporters can offer a safe space for people to discuss their own mental health and wellbeing as well as provide strategies and tools to support others to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

The service is aimed at people with less complex mental health and well-being challenges.  Peer support is there to bridge a link between patients and health professional and encourage individuals to seek out clinical and community resources when it is appropriate.

Mental Health Peer Workers Self Referral Form.

How is the service delivered?

The Peer Worker role will start by assessing an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.  Peer workers will then support prevention and self-management by providing self management tools and strategies, signposting to supports in the local community and referring on to other agencies where required. 

Peer Workers will offer a brief intervention and will provide support to adults and carers to understand their difficulties, self manage and future plan. 

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities of workers in this service:

  • Lived experience of mental health and well-being challenges and the ability to share this experience with others where appropriate
  • Knowledge of self management techniques for better well-being including online resources and health promoting activities
  • Ability to research local resources and make connections with other community groups, activities and resources that can support people
  • Ability to engage people, make them feel at ease
  • Ability to carry out an initial assessment and understand when someone may need more support than we can offer to refer people for professional mental health support
  • Ability to self-manage and ask for help when needed
  • Ability to promote the service to other professionals within the GP practice as well as directly to people accessing the practice
  • Ability to facilitate and deliver groups that promote well-being

Any person (aged 16 years and over) who is registered at the GP, presenting with mental health and wellbeing needs, the peer workers can support them with up to 3 appointments.

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Non NHS Chargeable Services

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc.)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes
  • Vaccination certificates

For further information and current charges please see our Fees Information leaflet.

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If you have a problem that affects your neck, back, bones, joints or muscles and are not under 16 years of age, reception staff can now book you directly into the physiotherapy deptartment (Note, at present, due to COVID 19 restrictions, these will be a telephone appointments with a physiotherapist).

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Social Prescribers

We know that taking care of your health involves more than just medicine. Social Prescribing can provide support for more than medical issues. Your local Social Prescriber will spend time with you exploring what matters to you and help you to identify activities and/or local support which could improve your health and wellbeing. You can consider the benefits of participating in them, and we will assist and support you to plan your next steps.

Your social prescriber can help you with a range of issues, including:

  • Social isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Getting out and about
  • Life changing events such as birth, retirement and bereavement
  • Long term health conditions
  • Loss of confidence/purpose
  • Poor health linked to housing or housing conditions or
  • Struggling with financial issues
  • Accessing work, training, or volunteering

Social prescribing is available for everyone. For more information, contact Voluntary Action Angus on 01307 466113 or the practice reception.