The practice is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment where patients and staff are confident that best practice is being followed.

Patients are entitled to ask for a chaperone for any consultation, examination or procedure where they feel they prefer to have a chaperone.

The practice will endeavour to provide a formally trained chaperone upon request, but patients would help us by requesting a chaperone when booking an appointment where a chaperone is required.  This may mean rescheduling appointments in order to meet this need.

A doctor, nurse or other health care professional may also require a chaperone to be present for certain consultations.

Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone who uses NHS services in Scotland has rights about how they access and receive their care. These rights ensure people are treated safely, fairly and effectively, and with consideration, dignity and respect.

It’s important that you know your rights and understand what you can expect from us whenever you use NHS services. But it’s also important to recognise that you have responsibilities, things that everyone is expected to do to help the NHS work effectively in Scotland and to help make sure it uses its resources responsibly.

The Charter explains what you can expect, and what is expected of you, when you use NHS services and receive NHS care in Scotland.

To find out more about Health rights in Scotland or to read the Charter in full and to find what alternative formats are available, please use the following links: