Power of Attorney Day 2023

You make decisions every day about your life and your future: small decisions such as what meals to eat or how to dress and bigger decisions about things like money, your family, and your home. You make judgements about what is right for you. The law says that everyone over 16 years old in Scotland has the legal capacity to make decisions, unless a legal decision is made that this is not the case. A Power of Attorney is a legal document that

What the MPPG has achieved for our patients so far

The Montrose Patient Participation Group, have funded two plinths in the foyer of the Links Health Centre, which were crafted by […]

Gathering Views and Citizens’ Panel for health and social care

Views were gathered by Healthcare Improvement Scotland – Community Engagement using a mix of face to face interviews and group […]

Waiting well: Information on a waiting list

You may be put on a waiting list to see a healthcare specialist or to get health and social care […]

Angus Toy Appeal – Referral Guidelines

REMEMBER! Closing date for referrals is Monday 20th November 2023! Angus Toy Appeal is a local charity, which distributes loads […]

Young People Online Questionnaire

The cool2talk site is currently rolling out 2 consultations to find out more about the lives of young people live […]

Let’s Be Heard – Scottish Covid-19 Enquiry

The purpose of Let’s Be Heard is to encourage people across Scotland to engage with the
Inquiry by sharing their experiences of the pandemic. To be better prepared for the future, it
is important we hear directly from people about what happened to them and understand the
lessons they believe should be learned.

Practice Area Update

We no longer cover the area to the North of the North Esk river, this area is within the NHS […]

Suicide Intervention Prevention & Safety Plan Training 2023

This training is for all staff who have patient/client/public contact who have had no previous suicide awareness training or last […]

Angus Self-Management Course for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is difficult to live with. It is hard to understand, you can’t see it and it varies day to day sometimes for no apparent reason. In addition to pain, people often experience frustration, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, low mood, isolation,
communication and relationship problems.