Private Treatment

Whilst the NHS is here to provide the care that you need we are aware that, for some patients, the option to choose private treatment suits them for a number of reasons.

If you are considering private treatment it should be noted that a patient is not entitled to “pick and mix” elements of NHS and private care for the same episode of care. For example expecting NHS investigations to be performed as part of your Private assessment and treatment.

After an episode of Private care, the NHS is able to pick up follow on treatment, including prescribing where appropriate. It should be noted that we can only do this if the requesting private clinicians’ qualifications meet NHS standards, the requests for prescriptions meets the locally agreed NHS protocols and guidance that we work to, and the GP feels this is something they would do if requested by an NHS clinician. It should therefore not be assumed that because a private provider suggests a course of treatment/ prescription that this will be automatically available via the practice, and if needed we may refer you in to the relevant part of the NHS for this. You would not have any priority over other NHS patients on a waiting list.

Normal practice timescales would apply to all requests for medications we can prescribe and if a medication is required urgently following private consultation (< 7 days) this should be issued to you by your private provider.

Wound management, and suture removal and other follow-up care following surgical procedures would remain the responsibility of the private provider.

When a patient wishes to pay privately for a treatment, the patient will be required to pay all costs associated with the privately funded episode of care. The costs of all medical services and care associated with the treatment include assessment, inpatient and outpatient attendances, tests, rehabilitation, wound care, medication requests and management of side effects.

The Practice will not make any contribution to the privately funded care to cover treatment or associated costs such as prescription requests and tests that the patient could have accessed via the NHS.

Any privately funded arrangement, which is agreed between a patient and a healthcare provider, is a commercial matter between those parties.

Should you choose to seek private assessment and / or treatment, you are always able to revert to NHS care at any time and you will not be advantaged or disadvantaged.